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Let me introduce myself.  My name is Rob Duiker (pronunciations vary but we say Doo-ker), and I am seeking your support for my application to become the Conservative Party of Canada nominee in the the Yellowhead Riding.



I was born in 1961 in Guelph Ontario.  I am the sixth of seven “Duiker kids”.  My wife Fran and myself have been married for almost 35 years.  We have three adult children and two grandchildren.  We have a dog named Zuni.  We both grew up in Ontario, and most of our family still lives there.  We have come to love Alberta and intend to make it our home for the rest of our lives.



I am presently the principal of Rocky Christian School, where I have served for more than 13 years.  Before that, I have been a principal in various schools in BC, New Mexico, and Ontario since 1994.  I began my teaching career in 1991 in Agassiz BC.



I acquired a bachelor's degree in History in 1987 from Redeemer College in Ancaster, Ontario.  I earned my teaching credentials in 1991 from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in 2010 I received my Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa.


Other Stuff

All of my recent political involvement has been in provincial politics.  In 2015, I became the President of the Rimbey - Rocky Mountain House - Sundre Constituency Association for the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta.  In that capacity, I had a hand in engaging party members in the discussion about whether or not we supported uniting the PC Party with the Wildrose Party.  When the parties did unite, I became the Interim President of the United Conservative Party Constituency Association. 


I am an enthusiastic supporter of Andrew Scheer and I hope to be part of his team as he becomes our Prime Minister after the next Federal Election.



Ready to Represent You!

As is always the case in a political campaign, many people will want to know where I stand on the issues.  

Here is a point form summary of positions I support:

  • Economy

    • Balanced Budgets

    • Diverse Economy

    • Unity and cooperation among regions

    • Competition

    • Encouragement for hard work, initiative, and ingenuity

    • Participation in a global economy

    • Promote pipeline construction

    • Promote energy self-sufficiency

    • Redouble efforts to fight the mountain pine beetle

  • Compassionate Social Policy

    • Human Rights

    • Personal Responsibility

    • Help for those in need

    • Diversity of thought, belief, tradition, and culture

    • Freedom of speech, worship, and assembly

    • Property rights

    • Recognition for the importance of family

    • The value and dignity of human life

  • Canada:

    • Far Greater than the sum of its parts

    • Sovereign and United

    • Equality of citizens

    • Unity without uniformity

    • English and French

    • Is able to defend itself and others as necessary

    • Is able to feed itself and others as necessary

    • Environmental stewardship for generations to come

    • A country comprised of neighbours who build each other up

  • Parliamentary Democracy

    • Parliament is preeminent over the courts

    • I support first-past-the-post over the alternatives

  • Health and Safety

    • Quality health care for all

    • Creative and efficient modes of delivery

    • Tough on crime

I am committed to supporting policies of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

Check out some of my Blog Posts:

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What Are People Saying About Rob?

Hon. Ty Lund (Alberta Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Environment, and Minister of Government Services)

I am pleased to see Robert Duiker toss his hat into the political ring. Robert has shown tremendous dedication to his community both as a School Administrator and as President of the Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre Constituency Association. I have great confidence in Robert's ability to represent the people of the Yellowhead Constituency in Ottawa.

Lara Jollymore, Principal, Breton High School

When I think of people who I want representing me in Parliament, I expect that my representative will face adversity, criticisms and controversial topics with poise and professionalism at all times; regardless of the difficulties being faced.  I expect my representative to have the strength and fortitude to stand up for what is protected for all by the Charter of the Rights and Freedoms.  I expect that my representative will consult the people that they represent, and will vote based on the popular majority of those people.  I expect that my representative will be a leader who will examine all perspectives in a situation prior to deciding what is the best course of action for my country.  Robert Duiker has proven himself as an educator, as a leader, and as a passionate advocate for others, proficiently able to exceed the demands and expectations of a representative choosing to serve others in the political sphere.  I unequivocally endorse Robert Duiker for public office to represent me as my Member of Parliament in this great nation of Canada.

Michelle Patterson, Musician

Rob Duiker is a man who knows how to connect with his community in meaningful and lasting ways. His work with younger generations is impacting us, one young leader at a time. He is not afraid to approach difficult subjects and he walks his talk. His level headed approach to problem solving makes him the candidate I want in my corner.

Robert Morris, Principal, Ponoka Christian School

I have known Rob Duiker for the past ten years.  He is a person whom I value and trust.  He is a hard worker who goes past the call of duty to make sure things get done.  Rob isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard for those whom he is serving.  Rob is a man of integrity and one whom I am glad to call friend.

Dale Shippelt, Businessman, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

I am excited to support Rob and his vision to run for the candidate of the Yellowhead Constituency as our Member for the Conservative nomination. Over the years, I have gotten to know Rob as a close friend and see his political aspirations grow to where he is letting his name stand. He shares his time always to make things better. His knowledge and ability to listen and understand people is real attribute for this race.



Ready to Respect You!

Often people will be interested in a candidate’s positions without considering dispositions.  The Google dictionary defines disposition as a person's inherent qualities of mind and character.  I would like to be known as someone with the disposition whereby I respect and treasure people with whom I disagree.

I believe I can play a role in bringing mutual respect back to public discourse and in particular to political discourse.  

Increasingly, we have seen in both Alberta Provincial politics and on the Federal scene, truth asserted, not as reasoned conclusions, but as dogma or doctrine. In doing so, our leaders declare people to be evil or deficient in some way if they do not agree with the “truth” being set forth.  We have squeezed out all room for legitimate disagreement by sanctioning disrespect for our adversaries.  This must change!

We all disagree with each other!  That’s a fact!  Our unity cannot and must not depend on our agreement.  Rather, we must learn how to disagree well.

Our leaders, in order to serve us well, must understand some basic things about how human beings come to understand truth.  The things that I know to be true, might be in conflict with the things you know to be true.  This is an obvious complexity of life that citizens, and in particular politicians must learn how to navigate.  In a democracy, we cannot begin by asserting that, “My truth is the real truth!”  Rather, our goal is a country where people with a variety of views on a variety of subjects can all meaningfully participate in public discourse.  

My contention is that any legitimate belief in free speech is founded on this sort of mutual respect.  In fact it is based on the notion that disagreement enriches our lives.

There are many ways that people will come to know something or believe something to be true.  Here are a few:

  • Authority: I believe something because I trust the source from which I learned it. The source may be a book, a parent, a teacher, or a CBC reporter.

  • Democracy: I believe something because everybody around me seems to believe it.  The reason that Canadian views around healthcare and gun control are so different from American views can be explained by this means of truth finding.

  • Experience and Experimentation (also called Empiricism):  I believe it because I have first hand experience.  The belief that childbirth is a painful experience is believed by men and women for different reasons.  Only women experience it.

  • Intuition:  I believe it because my gut tells me it is true.  Sometimes my gut tells me who to trust.  We all believe some things due to our intuition.

  • Pragmatism:  I believe it because it works.  Much of our belief about how to deal with criminals is based on what we believe will work to keep convicted people from reoffending.

  • Reason:  I believe it because it makes logical sense.  We tend to try to put everything into this category, because reason is respected in a secular society.  

  • Revelation: I believe it because it is in a Holy Book or my religion teaches it.

All humans believe things for a variety of reasons.  No-one can claim to be purely scientific or purely reasonable.  No one can claim that everything they believe is in the Bible.  We prioritize these ways of truth-finding differently.  Leaders need to better respect all of the various ways that the people they represent come to know and believe the truths they hold dear.  

The key to repairing the broken public discourse in Canada rests on our ability to learn how to identify the things that we agree on; things like justice, health care for all, sound economic principles, an educated population, equality, and democracy.  We must major in the majors, minor in the minors, and acknowledge that we are going to disagree, and sometimes we are going to change our minds.

Canada is a beautifully diverse country.  Because of that diversity we will disagree on things like the right to die, on a woman’s right to choose, on free trade, on supply management, on troops in the Middle East, on climate change, on pipelines, and on restrictions to free speech. This disagreement is a fact of life in a country where we are free to believe in accordance with our own truth-finding tools.  This disagreement is a result of something beautiful.  

I too have a knowledge-discovering, truth-finding tool box; and you are entitled to know what is in it.  But more important than that is the disposition I offer to you as your Member of Parliament.  I will respect you if you disagree with me, because we all disagree.  And more than that, I will learn from you, and I will respect you.  

If you only know one thing about Rob Duiker, I hope it is this; he listens to me, and he respects me.



OK!  I'm a Rob 4 Yellowhead Supporter

If you were a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and you live in the Yellowhead Electoral District you are eligible to vote in this nomination contest. Here is how you can help:


Plan to attend one of the two forums that have been scheduled.  The first one will take place in Drayton Valley at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, October 2.   The  only other one will be hosted in Edson at 7:00 on Thursday, October 4.  Please plan to bring along questions that you would like to hear answered by the five contestants.


Share the link to my FaceBook page with everyone you know in the Yellowhead Electoral District.


Organize an event:  No matter where you live in the Yellowhead Electoral District I would love to meet with groups of people for coffee or breakfast; you name it.  Whether it be a church group, a special interest group, a youth group, or a senior's group, I would be delighted to meet up and talk about politics or anything else you would like to discuss.  Just email me at and we'll set something up!


Vote!​  Six polls are scheduled throughout the riding between October 11 and 13.  Click the button below for all the details.

The Story

I have been interested in politics for a long time. For the last few years I have been quite involved in provincial conservative politics, first with the Progressive Conservative Party, and currently with the United Conservative Party. I have often been asked if I plan to run for office some day. The answer is always some combination of “maybe” and “I hope so.”  For years I have been encouraging my students to be politically engaged.  Democracy demands our participation.

On November 1 when this nomination process was announced I had a decision to make.  The decision is a resounding "Yes."  The time has come to give it my best shot!!



Thank you for your interest in Rob 4 Yellowhead Conservatives. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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